One of the most popular in the Internet, is a site that consists of one a ” social network “, where the same users are those who provide in content, across personal profiles that contain blogs, photographies, groups of friends, music and videoes. Myspace, specially popular between the young persons, and already it departs from the popular culture, possesses in addition an internal system of e-mails and his own engine of searches.

To create outline the users can use the basic options of the service or for the most advanced include HTML code and CSS, which are them same that deal to create traditional web pages. For the same thing it is that it might understand Myspace’s service as one more way of having a personal page in the network, with the benefit of ínter connectivity and wide diffusion of this platform especially.

Myspace’s history begins in 2003, when I found the hand service of Tom Anderson, Chris Dewolfe and a group of programmers (Tom appears as “friend” for default when someone believes a new account in the site. Of there some popular jokes that they say ” not even Tom wants to be my friend). In July, 2005 it was acquired by the ” News corporation “, and plans of expansion promise to be all over the world.

It has been criticized enough the time that many spend using Myspace and other social networks of the same type, and enclosed some colleges have managed to restrict the access to these sites. The surest thing is that this type of sites and networks is to remain, for what the important thing is the auto regulation and dosing of the time that we dedicate to these and other activities on line.

Such it is the influence on the masses of this site, that many personalities in the world of the cinema, the music and the politics have his space in this network, and they raise his last creations and thoughts to share them in his profiles with other users and this way to use Myspace as a form of promotion and direct contact with his followers. As the same thing also it is necessary to to have care with the impostors who have taken advantage of this phenomenon, and a good quota of distrust is healthy.

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